Kailyn Lowry: PISSED at Javi Marroquin For Dating Madison Channing Walls!

Earlier this week, we reported that Javi Marroquin is dating Madison Channing Walls.

The news drew a decidedly mixed reaction from fans, largely due to Walls’ checkered past.

The former Real World: Skeletons star has openly admitted to struggling with heroin addiction.

She now says she’s been sober for more two years, but apparently there are some in Javi’s inner-circle who don’t believe Walls is not an ideal mother figure for Marroquin’s son, Lincoln.

Not surprisingly, one of those skeptics is none other than Lincoln’s mother, Kailyn Lowry.

Sources tell Radar Online that Kailyn found out about her ex-husband’s new romance the same way the rest of the world did.

Lowry reportedly felt “blindsided” when Javi and Madison announced their relationship on social media.

“Kail doesn’t know anything about a new girlfriend,” an insider Radar on the day of the bog announcement.

Of course, that may not be entirely Javi’s fault.

Javi is forbidden to contact Kailyn due to a protection from abuse Lowry obtained in February.

Kailyn says it’s because Javi entered her home without permission.

Javi has a different story:

“She said it’s because I harassed her via text about all this divorce and guy stuff,” Marroquin told Radar at the time of the filing.

“I signed a consent PFA, which means there’s no evidence of abuse. I just can’t contact her unless it’s in regards to Lincoln for a year.”

We suppose finding out from Twitter that your ex is dating someone new is one of the downsides of protective order.

Anyway, now that she’s been informed of the relationship, Lowry is reportedly less than pleased.

And apparently it’s not only Madison’s past substance abuse issues that have Kailyn upset.

Madison has had at least one recent brush with the law, having been arrested for shoplifting from a CVS in 2013.

Walls claims the theft was one of many mistakes she made as a result of her addiction.

Walls insists that she’s completely turned her life around since welcoming a daughter last year.

Sources close to Kailyn say she’s not happy that Javi will have another child in his life, as she feels it may draw his attention away from son Lincoln.

Of course, Kailyn is pregnant with her third child at the moment, so she can’t really say much on that score.

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