Tori Roloff Has Nipple Pain… and a Baby on the Way?!?

The Roloffs welcomed two babies into their world last year.

But fans of this famous family aren’t satisfied. 

They want more, and they’ll read into nearly any situation in order to get their hopes up that another may be on the way.

Consider how these Little People, Big World fans responded, for example, to a very simple caption Tori Roloff wrote on Instagram in January.

It accompanied a cute picture of her husband on the floor, goofing around with the couple’s son, and it said that Tori loved seeing how Zach played with their “kids.”

She used the plural instead of the singular and social media went bananas, inferring from this simple caption that Tori could be pregnant again.

We’re not kidding. See for yourself:

Tori, of course, only just gave birth to Jackson Kyle Roloff in May.

Crazier things have happened, but it would mark quite a fast turnaround if Zach and Tori really took the necessary steps (i.e. sex without protection) to have a baby this soon after becoming parents for the first time.

Nevertheless, fans are anxious.

They are curious.

They are strangely hopeful.

And that’s why they interpreted yet another social media message from Tori to mean that maybe a bun is on her lovable oven.

Late last week, Tori asked other mothers out there for some advice because she was experiencing nipple pain while breastfeeding.

This is not a totally uncommon problem, and it’s one to which sister-in-law Audrey Roloff can relate.

The question prompted many responses from parents, many of which alerted Tori to the possibility that she’s expecting once again.

Same replies include:

  • “Nipple pain… either he’s not latched good, or you’re pregnant again. Seen both happen, trust me.
  • ‘If it hurts to breastfeed at 9 months, you might want to take a pregnancy test, just saying.”
  • “I would try using a nipple shield for a little bit… it sounds like they might be cracked!”

This latter option is a condition known as “thrush.”

thanks from tori

Tori mentioned it in her gracious reply to all who left comments.

“You guys are so amazing, I feel like this was how social media is supposed to be used, mamas helping mamas,” Roloff wrote back, adding:

“Thank you for all of your advice.

“I think the pain is due to baby boy having six teeth. At least that’s what I’m going with… and praying it’s not thrush.”

It’s true: as previously documented, Jackson is a master at growing teeth.

 He really is getting so big so quickly. Where does the time go?!?

As for why Tori’s nipples hurt a lot these days?

We do not consider ourselves to be experts on the topic.

But she may have a diminished milk supply and Jackson is therefore forced to suck longer and harder, causing said pain.

She’s been at this consistently for nine months now, too, and there may just be a bit of soreness going on, something very simple and normal and temporary.

Or, heck, perhaps Tori really is pregnant. We have no idea.

But we’ll be the first site to let you know if this is the case… because we’ll be screaming so loudly in excitement that everyone on the Internet will hear us!