35-year-old Nigerian graduate becomes an Amala seller, shares story on life (photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Adio Lawal has become a source of inspiration to people with the choice of work he decided to go for. The 35-year-old man sells Amala for a living and seems to be doing a great job.

Lawal who was born and bred in Lagos despite being an indigene of Ogun state attended St Peters College in Olomore, Abeokuta before he proceeded to Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta where studied Home Science and Management.

He graduated from the university in 2010 and joined thousands of Nigerians searching for jobs. In an exclusive chat with NAIJ.com, Lawal shared his journey with the world stating how he ventured into the family business in order to survive.

Adio Lawal selling Amala to a customer.

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Lawal’s mother had been in to the food business for the past forty years. She was known majorly for the Amala she sold; her soup had the same delicious taste even though she opened different branches. She lost her husband about thirty one years ago and had been saddled with the responsibility of raising her six children alone.

During the chat, the father of one who has been married for two years revealed the location of the second shop which is being managed by his sister and mother. Interestingly, five of the six children given birth to by his mother took up the Amala business after she had trained them to university level.

Meet 35-year-old graduate who sells Amala for a living

Lawal said he does not pay attention to people who mock him.

He stated that his brother used to sell Amala around Alausa before his shop was demolished during a major project undertaken by the state government.

Apart from Amala, Lawal sells white rice, jollof rice and Eba. He said they stopped selling pounded yam a long time ago and went on to give a brief history of the popular food place.

Like every Nigerian kid, the man in his thirties had high hopes of being a medical doctor until he wrote JAMB six times and settled with fate. Although he has deviated from the initial dream with his present means of livelihood, Lawal feels fulfilled and has hopes of expanding the business if he gets the resources to do so.

Meet 35-year-old graduate who sells Amala for a living

Two plates of delight served by Lawal.

Speaking on the challenges his food place has faced since its inception, the Ogun state indigene said hoodlums in the area often strike and instill fear in the minds of the customers. He also said people often look at him funnily because they do not expect this job to be done by a man.

He said he makes enough to keep body and soul together and do not care about the sentiments attached to it. In addition to selling Amala, Lawal and his family members do outdoor catering and try to satisfy their customers.

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Being into the food business has helped the man achieve so many things in life. His mother was able to train all her children to university level. Two of his siblings have travelled out of the country with his mother going and coming as she wills.

Their shop which is located at Toll Gate, a point between Onipanu and Olosha area of Lagos has been in existence for the past twenty two years. Lawal encouraged people out there to be resourceful as no job is demeaning; if their dignity is intact and it brings in something no matter how small, it should be considered.

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Source: Naij.com