How to make a lovely bag from your old jeans?

If your jeans are old and baggy, and you are not planning to wear them anymore, do not rush to throw them away. You can make something great out of your old jeans, for example, a fashionable bag! This is easier than you thought. Read on and you’ll find out how to make bags from old jeans.

How to use old jeans to make a bag

If you have a pair of old jeans and they have become useless, you are probably thinking “What can I do with old jeans?”. Looks like the only way is to throw them out in the trash or use them as a floor rug. However, this is not true – you can actually make a lot of interesting things out of old jeans, including the DIY jeans bag! Wondering how to make a bag out of jeans? Follow the simple guide below.

old jeans

How to make bags out of jeans – step by step

For your work, you will need:

  • Your old jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • Pair of scissors
  • A thread that matches a color of your jeans
How to make bags from old jeans - DIY

Step 1. Cut your jeans

First of all, you need to cut your jeans so they will become like shorts. You should try to preserve the fabric as straight as you can, If you need, you can iron it. Cut your jeans depending on if you want a straight or curve edged bag. When you finished cutting, rip off the seam, and separate the front part from the back. Then, get rid of the front part.

Jeans step 1

Step 2. Cut the leg parts

You have to cut off two the leg parts of the jeans, then rip off the inner seam from one of them. Then open it up and place the back par on it. The next step is to cut it out. Now, you have the front side and the back side of your future bag. Then, take the remaining piece of the leg, and mark the strips that are two inches wide. Cut out three strips – two should be one inch longer than the sides, and one has to be two inches longer than the base. In case you can no get the single long strip, there is an option to join two small strips. These joined strips can be used for a base, while the single ones can be used for the sides.

Jeans 2-1
Jeans 2-2

Step 3. Stitch

Now, it is time to use your sewing machine for stitching three strips to the back of the bag. The edges should be stitched with a zigzag in order to secure everything. Then, you need to stitch the front part of the bag and make sure the opposite sides are facing each other. Before you move on to the base, you should sew two sides.

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Jeans 3

Step 4. Make the bag handle

For a nice handle for your bag, cut out a strip which is two inches wide. You can choose the length yourself, depending on your preferences, but it is necessary to add two inches to your desired length. The longer edges should be sewn together with the help of a zigzag stitch. There is also an option to cut the wide strip, and then fold it for a better look; however, sometimes it is quite difficult to stitch thick cloth in the sewing machine. After being done with the edges, sew the strip to the side strips, and make sure the opposite sides face each other.

Bag handle

Step 5. Flap

This step is not entirely necessary. In case you are satisfied with your bag, you can just sew in a zip. If you prefer a flap, here is how to add it. Take the other leg that you have cut off from the jeans and rip it apart. Keep the front side of the bag on it, and mark the four extra inches in length. You should cut it off, and then sew it to the top of backside with a zigzag stitch. You need to stitch it with zigzag along the edge. Then, you are done with your bag.

Jeans flap

Step 6. Decoration

If you want, you can personalize your new bag by adding some labels, stickers, buttons or other interesting things on it. This will not require a lot of extra effort or money, but it will surely be worth it because your bag will be unique and unlike anyone else’s. It will showcase your personality and creativity!

This is only one of many possible ways you can transform your old jeans into a cool bag. You can choose any of styles below and use the different parts of your old jeans. Everything depends on your taste, additional materials, and time you are to spend on this accessory.

How to make bags from old jeans - variants
Cute jeans bag
Cool bag from old jeans

You have learned how to recycle old jeans pants by turning them into a bag. As you can see, there is no magic involved just simple patience and creativity! We hope you will be able to create your own fashionable bag from your old jeans.

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