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Residents of Abuja who are a part of NHIS program and are seeking medical attention should know the list of all medical institutions accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme. We have created a selection of NHIS accredited hospitals in Abuja to ease your choices.

When you enroll into the Scheme, you can have your medical treatment covered by the program, choose the provider of medical services from the list of accredited hospitals, get medical care for yourself and up to for children of yours. You just need to know your primary and secondary providers accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme in your city or state.


The four capitalized letters NHIS stand for the National Health Insurance Scheme. It was created in 1999 to provide Nigerians with better health care and a number of different prepayment systems to pay for their medical services.

Patients who choose to become a part of the National Health Insurance Scheme can enjoy all the benefits offered by NHIS. It is necessary to pay fixed price for your membership. These payments make the common funds controlled by the Health Maintenance Organizations and used by Scheme participants to pay for their medical treatment.

NHIS accredited hospitals in Abuja 2018

List of NHIS accredited hospitals

When you apply for NHIS, you can be referred to one of the two types of hospitals:

  • Primary service providers
  • Secondary service providers

Everything depends on the medical investigation and treatment you need (whether it is physiotherapy, diagnostic, surgery, etc.). It is necessary to get HMO’s approval before attending a hospital. However, this rule does not apply in the case of an emergency.

NHIS accredited hospitals in Abuja Primary service providers

Primary NHIS hospitals in Abuja

  1. Arewa Specialist Hospital & Diagnostic Center
  2. Gwarinpa General Hospital
  3. Sybron Medical enter
  4. Pan-Raf Hospital Ltd.
  5. Bismol Clinic & Maternity
  6. St. Patricks, Clinic & Maternity
  7. Jalingo Medical Clinic
  8. Alfad Specialist Medical Center
  9. Primary Health Clinic, Karonmagaji
  10. Midland Clinic
  11. Divine Mercy Hospital & Diagnostic Center Ltd.
  12. St. Georges Hospital & Maternity
  13. The Comforter Clinic & Diagnostic Center
  14. Unity Clinic
  15. Sumit Hospital
  16. Express Hospital
  17. Kings Care Hospital Ltd. – Kubwa
  18. Kubwa Clinic & Maternity
  19. Pison Hospital
  20. Miracle Seed Clinic & Maternity
  21. Grace Of God Specialist Medical Center
  22. Kubwa General Hospital
  23. St. Vincent Clinic & Maternity
  24. Royal Lords Hospital, Clinics & Maternity Ltd.
  25. Rhema Foundation Hospital
  26. Standard Care Hospital & Maternity
  27. Maitama District Hospital
  28. Asokoro District Hospital
  29. Wuse District Hospital
  30. Leblon Clinic
  31. General Hospital, Nyanya
  32. Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Hospital
  33. Abaji General Hospital
  34. General Hospital – Karshi
  35. Ruz Medical Center
  36. Amana medical Center
  37. Primary Health Center, Karu
  38. Kuje Primary Health Center
  39. Ebony Hospital
  40. Limi Hospital & Mat., Ltd.
  41. National Assembly Clinic
  42. State House Clinic
  43. Woman Development Center, Staff Clinic
  44. Mercy Specialist Hospital & Diagnostic Center
  45. Kings Care Hospital – Wuse
  46. Capital Hospital
  47. Queens Clinics
  48. Holy Trinity Hospital Ltd.
  49. Alibu Medical Center
  50. Gwagwalada Clinic & Maternity
  51. Jerab Hospitals
  52. Sliver Fountain Medical Center
  53. Rapha Hospital and Maternity
  54. Nisa Premier Hospital
  55. Abuja Clinic – Maitama
  56. National Hospital Abuja
  57. 108 Nigerian Air Force Hospital Abuja
  58. Guards Brigade Med. Center
  59. Nigeria Customs Service Clinics – Wuse
  60. Angelic Care Hospital & Mate.
  61. Nigeria Customs Service Medical Center – Karu
  62. Abuja Clinic, Garki
  63. Abuja Clinic – Karu
  64. City Hospital
  65. Bwari General Hospital
  66. Medical Center Nigerian Law School
  67. NWC MIR Abuja
  68. Force Headquarters Hospital
  69. Sick bay NHQ
  70. DHQ MRS
  71. Horizons Medical Center
  72. Bepos Clinic & Maternity
  73. ICPC Staff Clinic
  74. The Crown Hospital Ltd.
  75. Rainbow Clinic & Maternity
  76. Ronella Specialist Hospital
  77. National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) Staff
  78. Everlasting Care Hospital Limited
  79. Micheal Cross Specialist Hospital
  80. Kela Clinics & Maternity Ltd.
  81. Kuje General Hospital
  82. St. Peters Catholic Hospital
  83. Dr. Hassans Clinic / Diagnostic Center
  84. Conita Clinic & Maternity, Dagiri
  85. Maraba Clinic & Maternity
  86. Mumeen Medical Center
  87. DSS Clinic, Bwari
  88. Federal Road Safety Commission Medical Center
  89. National War College, Ushafa Camp Clinic
  90. Allied Surgery
  91. Gideon Legacy Hospital Limited
  92. Faith Medical Center
  93. Quality Care Clinic
  94. JEDONEC Clinic & Maternity
  95. Rachel Hospital
  96. Northland Medical Center
  97. PAAFAG Hospital & Medical Diagnosis Center
  98. Bwari Medical Center
  99. Garki Hospital
  100. Diamond Crest Hospital Ltd.

There are more than 100 accredited hospitals in Abuja, and you can find the complete list of all of them on the official NHIS website.

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NHIS accredited hospitals in Abuja Secondary service providers

Secondary NHIS hospitals in Abuja

  1. Arewa Specialist Hospital & Diagnostic Center
  2. Gwarinpa General Hospital
  3. Sybron Medical Center
  4. Pan-Raf Hospital Ltd.
  5. Primary Health Clinic, Karonmagaji
  6. Maitama District Hospital
  7. Rhema Foundation Hospital
  8. Kings Care Hospital Ltd. Kubwa
  9. Grace Of God Specialist Med. Center
  10. Royal Lords Hospital Clinics & Maternity Ltd.

We can continue this list, but most hospitals presented here offer both Primary and Secondary medial service. Remember that all NHIS accredited hospitals in Abuja are listed here www.nhis.gov.ng. So double check the hospital you are heading to and make sure it has the accreditation of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Stay healthy!

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