Nigeria Immigration Recruitment ★ in 2018: who can apply?

Nigeria immigration recruitment 2018/2019 is still one of the most anticipated potions in Nigeria for today. A lot of aspirants in various corners of Nigeria still have a desire to try their chances in this recruitment process. What do we know about Nigeria Immigration recruitment form? Read the article to find out!

Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Update

There are basic demands for people who want to serve in the immigration service. Let`s take a look at the requirements for Nigeria Immigration service 2018!

Nigeria Immigration Recruitment application guidelines

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  • An applicant should be a Nigeria citizen by birth (descendants of Nigerian citizens are also acceptable);
  • All applicants should be at least 18 years old to be ready to serve;
  • Applicants who are older than 35 can’t be recruited to service;
  • The minimum height for male is 1.7 meters;
  • The minimum height for female is 1.64 meters;
  • The fully expanded chest measurement should be at least 0.87 meters;
  • All applicants should be certificated by a Government Medical Officer. They should be mentally and physically fit for service;
  • All candidates should be free of any financial embarrassment;
  • Candidates should be a good character;
  • All candidates shouldn’t be guilty of any crime or offense.

Who can’t serve in Nigeria Immigration service?

Who can`t serve in Nigeria Immigration service?

According to the rules, people can’t serve in Nigeria immigration service if they have mental or physical problems. It includes the candidates who have the following medical issues:

  • Sight Problem;
  • Flat Foot;
  • Natural disability (fracture or stammering);
  • People who had major orthopedic operations;
  • Hearing difficulties;
  • K-Legs;
  • Amputation of any parts of the body;
  • Obesity;
  • Bent knees;
  • Malformation of the teeth.

Moreover, candidates who were accused of any crime against Nigeria and its people – can’t be appointed to the service.

Academic Qualifications for Nigeria Immigration Recruitment

Academic Qualifications for Nigeria Immigration Recruitment

A candidate should provide not only physical and medical fitness to the job, but it’s also needed to provide skills and knowledge. Take a look at the list of documents needed to apply for the recruitment:

  • Senior Secondary School Certificate or West African School Certificate (It should include English language);
  • General Certificate of Education/National Examination Council (It should include four subjects plus English Language);
  • National Diploma;
  • National Certificate of Education.
Nigeria Immigration Recruitment application guidelines

If you find yourself to fit for the service in Nigeria Immigration, then you will need to apply for it! You may find the contact information on the official website of Nigerian Immigration service.

If you have a dream to serve your country as an immigration officer, then it’s your chance! Do not miss the opportunity to become an immigration officer in 2018! Nigeria immigration service provides a lot of benefits for people who have chosen to serve their country! It also includes a good paid salary and bonuses.

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