NPower Test: all you should know

NPower Nigeria application process is another simple path to secure the future for the young person. Do you need information on 2018 NPower test and application? What should you expect from the application? You will find answers in this guide!

NPower profile

Unfortunately, the guidelines for NPower application has not been announced on the official NPower portal yet. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can’t be prepared for the tests and take some advice on the application process.

How to apply for NPower gov ng test?

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The first thing to notice about the application process is that it is completely free. NPower gov ng test is completely free of charge, and you should be aware of fraudsters who may ask you money for the registration. The registration for NPower is usually pretty simple, you will need to follow the next steps.

Check out the official NPower gov ng website. It’s your first destination point where you can check all necessary information about the provided programmes for NPower Nigeria. Choose the category of the programmes that suits you best!

When you have chosen the programme for the NPower Nigeria, it’s time to enter your data for the application. Do not forget that for the application process you will need your Bank Verification Number (BVN). You will also need a recent passport size photo. The background for the photo should be white!

How to apply for NPower gov ng test?

When everything is checke, click “Apply for NPower Volunteer Corps.” When you get to the application page, you will need to read all terms and conditions regarding the NPower Programme. After that, you will need to provide accurate details about yourself.

You will need to fill your BVN. After that, you will be required to fill in your full name. If you have an academic qualification, then you will also need to enter it. Do not forget that if you fail to provide your accurate data, then you will not be able to proceed with the application procedure. When you enter all the necessary data, you will receive a Unique NPower identification Number.

Do not forget that you will need to enter your valid email and phone number. It will ensure that NPower organizers can reach you directly. It will also be needed to upload your recent JPEG or PNG format photo. The size of the photo shouldn’t exceed 25 kb.

How to apply for NPower gov ng test?

When everything is done right you will be assigned to your NPower gov ng test. It will show your general knowledge.

The NPower officials have not announced the deadlines for the application dates of NPower. Still, the approximate dates can be the same as in 2017. Therefore, it’s possible to expect that the start for the application for NPower tests is sometime in June 2018 and the deadline can be in July 2018. The end of the tests might be sometime in August.

NPower ng test

NPower ng test

All applicants will need to pass at least one assessment test to get to the NPower community. Nevertheless, you can prepare for these tests very easy. The assessment test is divided into three sections.

  • The first section is the General Knowledge Question. In this section, you will need to provide your general knowledge about the world. It will also include some questions about Nigeria.
  • The second section is the Quantitative Reasoning. You will need to provide the general knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and logic in this test.
  • The third section is the Basic Knowledge of English. In this section, you will need to show you grammar, listening comprehension, writing and oral language skills.

If you apply for the graduate NPower programme, then you will need to get through another test connected with NPower Assessment. There are four specialized NPower assessment tests.

  • N-Tax Assessment. In this test, you will need to provide your specialized knowledge about taxes and finances in Nigeria. This test may also include some basic knowledge about the tax law in Nigeria. Therefore, you will need some time to be prepared for the test.
  • NPower Health Assessment. This test is for future doctors and nurses in Nigeria. Therefore, you will need to get some specific medical knowledge before going through this test.
  • N-Agro Assessment. This test is provided for graduates of Agro faculties and universities. People who take this test may expect to get a lot of work connected with agriculture in Nigeria!
  • N-Teach Assessment. This test is provided for future teachers of Nigeria. Therefore, you will need to provide the general knowledge in education to pass the test.

All tests provided above are to be passed online. Therefore, they are computer-based. How can you write the online NPower Assessment test? If you have registered your information correctly and provided a valid phone number, then you will get an SMS notification about the test.

How to apply for NPower gov ng test?

When you get the notification – you will need to proceed with apply.npower,ng/test. After that, you will need to choose your programme. Log in to the test area with your BVN and phone number. Read the instructions about the test. Start the test. When you finish the test – you will need to click “Submit.”

That`s all – you have passed the test! Now you will need to wait until the results come.


How to apply for NPower gov ng test?

This test is very simple, but you will still need some time to be prepared for it. Therefore, the better you are prepared for the test, the better results you will have!

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