See how nice RRS official helped stranded lady to fix her flat tyre (photo) came across the amazing story of a stranded lady who was helped by a Rapid Response Squad officer in Lagos state.

According to a post shared by the Rapid Response Squad on Twitter, the lady’s car had a flat tyre while she was driving along Alapere road in Lagos state.

She packed at Alapere bus stop and a Rapid Response Squad (RRS) officer offered to help her.

In the photo posted by RRS, the officer was seen helping her change her tyre while wearing his uniform.

RRS official helps lady change her flat tyre in Lagos
Photo Source: Twitter

The post said: “#RRS helping a lady change her flat tyre at Alapere B/Stop for her to leave d spot on time.”

It could be assumed that the nice officer decided to help the lady without calling for professional help because he could not leave her stranded at night alone at a deserted bus stop.

This story is proof that Nigerian law enforcement officers are helpful and they would do anything humanly possible to protect the lives and properties of every Nigerian.

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