Too much money! Civilian slaps Nigerian Army officer for parking in front of his brother's fancy house in Kaduna (photos)

An NNPC worker identified as Abbas is reportedly in trouble for allowing his brother to slap an Army officer.

The scuffle, according to an eye witness who spoke to regional reporter started when Abass ordered the military man not to pack close to his fancy home.

Abbas, whose house was opposite a mechanic workshop at Matazu road, tudun Wada, Kaduna, is said not to be tolerant of people packing their vehicle close to his house.

Man hit Army officer because he parked car in front of his house, now in trouble

Man hit Army officer because he parked car in front of his house, now in trouble

According to an eyewitness who doesn’t want his name mentioned: “Because many people bring their cars daily for repair, there is no enough space to park all the cars in front of the workshop.

“So they have to use the space of the houses nearby and Abbas house is directly opposite the workshop. He had been complaining about the way people use to park their cars in front of his house for repair. Sometimes it even leads to a argument between Abbas and the mechanics or the people that park in front of his house.

“Abbas has two brothers who are living with him and they are very hot tempered, once they see someone trying to park in front of their brother’s house, they will start warning him and if he refuse to heed, they threaten to flat his tire.

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“Last Tuesday, Abbas was driving out of his house with his two(hot tempered bothers) and at the same time a man was trying to park his car for repair, as usual, Abbas started shouting at the man to go forward.

“One of Abbas brothers got out of the car, out of anger and hit the man trying to park his car(through glass window), not knowing that the man is an Army officer, the Army officer got out of his car and start hitting Abbas’s brother.

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“Seeing the situation, one of the elderly mechanic named Ali that has a shop tried to intervene and separate the fight but Abbas’s brother pushed him away and told him to mind his business, Ali’s boys saw that as an act of disrespect so they teamed up to beat Abbas’s brother.

“The fight now is between Abbas, his two brother, army officer and the mechanic boys, they beat one of Abbas’s brothers to a pulp, he has now been admitted in an unknown hospital an receiving treatment,” he said.

Going further, the eye witness said Abbas, one of his brothers and three of the mechanic boys are now in police custody.

The Army officer, according to the eye witness has vowed to deal merciless with Abbas when the Police are done with him.

Meanwhile, in the video below, took to the street to ask Nigerians to name a politician who is not corrupt.

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Report by Bashir Ahmed Mohammed, regional reporter